Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dreaming of Cohousing II — Arielle Bywater

Another cohousing dream last night: I dreamt Michelle Obama and her two kids were meeting with the members of our cohousing group (apparently in the cafeteria of my elementary school in upstate New York). The First Lady was very impressed with our group, especially with how membership required such a high level (quantity and quality) of volunteer work from us all: she felt this was a great model for volunteerism in America in general. And Sasha and Malia got along great with our cohousing kids!

So. Why do I seem to dream so much about cohousing? And how can we extend an invitation to the Obamas to come visit our project, get a tour of our house from Alan and Matt, join us for a potluck? And how can we find more non-white members for our group (probably the greatest diversity challenge in Midcoast Maine)?


  1. Arielle, I love your reporting in on your cohousing dreams! There are so many ways that we can attend to the life of our community, and listening to the deep pulse, the dream layer is such important work. Thank you for remembering and sharing them with us.

  2. Diversity is a significant challenge. I don't have any brilliant ideas on how to address that since there are so very few people of color even living in the area. We've mentioned on our website that we might "reserve" some units for young families in order to achieve a generational balance in our community. Might it make sense to thing about reserving a unit (or two? or three?) for people of color in order to help us achieve some ethnic balance?