Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dulcimers, Permaculture & Martial Arts — Arielle Bywater

It's a given that by joining our community, new members can learn how to raise chickens and plant flowers alongside their friends: that's part of our mission! But the standard skills involved in living in an ecovillage are only the tip of the iceberg: members of Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage tap into a veritable treasure trove of skills, talents and knowledge. At a recent Equity meeting, some of our members rattled off just a few of the many things they are excited to give to the community. Here are some of the most fun, funny and useful skills we're eager to share:

Playing the dulcimer
Buddhist meditation

Horse hoof de-icing


Violin lessons
Wool spinning

White water rafting

Choosing a college


Computer basics

Copy editing

Conference/event planning


Cooking 20-minute healthy meals

Rug hooking

Indoor sprout growing

Bread baking

Linocut printmaking


Baking and cooking

Math tutoring


Making wedding dresses

Wood carving

Martial arts

Cleansing and fasting

Audio recording

Transforming uncomfortable feelings

Wooden boat building

Intergenerational group games


Jewish rituals


Nonviolent Communication
Chinese medicine

Rock climbing

Massage therapy

Quaker meeting


Practical money saving

Lactation consulting


Home funerals

Bike repair

Baby sign language


Cat Talents

See something here you've been hoping to learn more about? Why go to classes or pay for workshops? In cohousing, you just knock on your neighbor's door! Join us!

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