Monday, May 10, 2010

May Day Appreciations — Elizabeth Garber

What a luminous time in the emerald meadow polka-dotted with dandelions, the Maypole crowned with a spray of lilacs, and our May 'ribbons' billowing in a mighty breeze. What an afternoon filled with delight together and welcoming so many visitors! I want to thank all of us — from the rain-braving hole diggers, to the mowing relay teams, the Maypole setting team wielding stones and crow bars, everyone who helped ready the farmhouse for the open house, all who danced, and the avid team of greeters, land walkers and tour guides at the prototype. Our profound thanks to the amazing musical Gawler family and friends for mentoring us in the Maypole setup and dances. Our visitors enjoyed all we shared with them. It was wonderful to have so many new members join in their first dance and especially sweet to appreciate our new members — Sawyer, Steven, Tom & Barbara, Jim & Paula — bringing their beaming smiles to the dance. What a remarkable unified team we are! Thank you all.

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