Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June New Moon — Emily Gable

I was praying to the sky for a beautiful day on Saturday. All of my begging paid off. It was a pleasantly beautiful day, unfolding into a crisp new moon of stars, music, and fire.

Earlier in the day Lindsey, Alison and Sawyer came by with Toby the dog, to set up their tents and asked if we needed help. Sawyer stayed at our house the rest of the afternoon while the ladies went to visit family in the area. Sawyer made new friends with the kids in the house, Parula, Sorrel and Linny. He was unsuspectingly roped into childcare for the afternoon, and for that I am extremely thankful! After all, spontaneous childcare is part of what cohousing is all about, right? I had brief glimpses of him swinging and climbing the ladder and going down the slide on our swing set with the kids. They seemed to me to be having a magical time, and there were 4 new friends made that afternoon.

Our guests arrived for the cohousing potluck/bonfire/campout by around 5:15. Delicious food started filling our dining room table, tents spotted the back yard, dogs ran around playing, and kids filled the air around them with bubbles supplied by Jeffrey. By 6:30 our back yard was full of people eating amazing food and chatting about life and days to come. I looked around and realized how lucky I am to have found such a great group of people to share a Saturday evening and night with. As the sun began to lower itself on the horizon, the food simultaneously disappeared into all of our bellies and the draw of the bonfire began.

On a side note, I had pulled my back several days previous to this event, and I was in desperate need of some relief. I had thought I would seek out one of the acupuncturists among the group, and told Elizabeth about my pain. She immediately told me to find a place to lie down, which happened to be on the kitchen floor, and pulled her emergency needles out of her wallet. How unique it was to be lying on my kitchen floor receiving such relieving treatment, amidst people coming in and out with dishes and food, always in question and amazement as to what was taking place. It was an experience I don’t think I will easily forget about. Mary joined Elizabeth to add some energy work towards the end of the session. When the two decided they were done, my body was in a completely different state than it had been just a half hour previous. I admit I was still in a lot of discomfort and pain, but my entire backside had been in contraction to compensate for the acute injury that had taken place, and all of that tightness and discomfort had been dispersed, and my body was able to focus on healing the specific origin of the pain. It was another amazing moment of support by our friends in cohousing… WOW, and THANK YOU!

After this healing session, my head was in an amazing space. Just a short time later I was talking with James, Lindsey and Steve. Steve mentioned something about creating a big extended family with all of the cohousers, and I didn't have words to say at the time, but now I think that this is indeed such a great idea! We had already been sharing such amazing things that I would already consider to be a key part of family; great food, inspiring conversation, healing energies, childcare, helping hands with work, and countless other items to add. It seems to be a given that we all adopt each other as family!

I headed out to the bonfire to find a nice large group sitting around a blazing fire, singing songs, playing guitars and cozying up to one another. These were some beautiful moments. The angelic voices of the group came together for some traditional, silly and heartfelt songs. I could tell that some of our members just feel the most comfortable singing and playing music when a fire is roaring. It was such a peaceful evening. The sparks of the fire fizzled up to a sky black and full of shimmering stars on the new moon of June. I looked around and felt so happy that these are the people that will soon be my neighbors. Yay!

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