Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brilliant Transformations — Elizabeth Garber

Every year, we line up jars of brilliant dyes, have cartons of white eggs ready, light the candles and empower children, age four and up, to hold a pysanky tool, a wooden stick with a copper funnel, in the flame of a candle. The copper heats, scoops and melts beeswax for making patterns on eggs. How often does an adult ever say to a child, "I'm letting you play with fire and hot wax"!? The children paint the melting wax in patterns, circles, dots, waving lines, and names, and then dye color after color all over the egg. At the end we sit outside and rub paint thinner on the eggs to dissolve the wax, and the miracle of brilliant colors in lines and swirls emerges in the palms of each child.

This was our third year of decorating eggs together, and I intend to decorate eggs with our community until my final season. At age seven, Pia proudly told the younger ones she had been doing this since she was four. In the future, we may also gather in the Common House kitchen night after night to make complex traditional patterns on eggs!

Transforming white eggs into jewels of color and pattern is like the unfolding miracle of our cohousing community. We keep showing up, bringing our gifts of focus and generosity, faith and intention. We put our simple tools into the fire and set to work together. And look! All around us in our meetings and at the Open Houses, there is happiness, depth of connection, and a shared vision of creating home together.

Thank you all for making this community happen, day after day, poster by poster, and sharing with our friends. We are getting so close!!

with gratitude,

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