Sunday, July 1, 2012

A perfect ending to the day - Chuck Markowitz

Today was a particularly busy and stressful day for me in the emergency department where I work. We had instituted a new system for getting patients seen more quickly. That meant me greeting everyone immediately upon arrival, including the four ambulances that came within five minutes of each other.

I had to stay an extra hour to finish all my charting, making for an exhausting end to an especially hectic and stressful day. The hour-long drive home didn't help me relax, as I was racing to get to Belfast City Hall before they closed at 5pm in order to fill out the paperwork for a new postal address. City assessor Bob Whitely was especially helpful; he shared his impression that everyone that he had met associated with Belfast Cohousing had been so nice.

I finally arrived home, planning to have a solitary dinner of leftovers in the quiet of my new home. I was surprised to drive up and find at least eight cars parked above the houses.

I didn't see anyone about, so as I walked into my house I looked out of my large windows across to the fields and gardens. There I spotted smoke from a cooking fire, children running in the fields, and grownups sitting around a picnic table.

Within minutes I was having dinner with Nessa and Christoph, Geoff and Abby, Colleen, Karen, and a host of kids. We shared food, stories, our hopes for the future and a growing sense of our community. By the end of the evening, Christoph, Geoff, and I had mowed a soccer field requested by the children.

As the sun set and the cool wind kicked up, driving me up to my warm home, I thought about what a perfect ending this had been to a day that had been so difficult. I am really looking forward to many more evenings like this one.

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  1. Chuck-
    Congratulations! We're so glad to hear that you've moved into your new house and the community is coming together. Enjoy!
    Ed & Marsha